Ask Us Your Restaurant's WebSite, Show Your Menu, Manage The Orders, Reservations, Comments and more Paying Only a Monthly SubScription Fee.

EzGest WebSite For Restaurants.

All You Need for Manage Your Restaurant OnLine with a SubScription of € 50,00/Month. No Contract, No Extra Fees. Cancellation at any Time. RENEWING is your decision EVERY MONTHS.

No Coding Skills Required.

Your Company is IMPORTANT so Don't Let a Facebook Page Represent Your Image OnLine, You can Have More, Easy Tools to Be at the TOP.

Before Visiting the Demo and see how Your Company Website could be, Read this page Carefully will Help You understand What You will Visit.


‌What Customers Want

They like technological solutions that are quick to use, offer them information that is beautiful to look at and easy to have.

‌Even if you don't deliver at home, attract them with your dishes, let them easily share, allow you to interact with you.

‌This is Your Company and They are There for You!

How To Get Started.

Maybe the best way to Start is to ask yourself questions as Why don't I have a website?, Do I need a website?, Why should I have a WebSite if I have a Facebook Page? Or, I already have a WebSite Why should I change it?

We are not going to do a detailed analysis but we can briefly answer…

Facebook is a popular community but it is not the only one and not everyone uses or constantly follows. A Facebook Page is the Image of your Company within the Community. The EzGest WebSite solution sets no limits and offers you tools to manage contents, sales, social media, promotionmarketing and analysis tools.

Those Who have a Website and find it Useless or Difficult to manage do Not have the Ideal Solution. The Website Must be a Tool, if it is Not, it Must be Changed.

Obviously there are also Happy Customers and We are Happy for Them because We Love Software and WE believe in What Works.

Contents Management.

Simplified management in content creation and updating through inline editing with multilingual support.

Real-time text Writing and ‌

When creating content as writing text is important to do it in the easiest way. Of course, you can design the text as you wish.

Build With ‌
‌an Easy ‌
‌Drag and Drop.

Drag and Drop some of our prepared layouts to expand your blog post or create a great design for a new page or Product. You can also explore the modules that we have like galleries, google maps, contact forms and 75 more.

Easy Images ‌& ‌Videos 

You can easily upload images and organize them in image galleries, embed videos from the biggest like Youtube, Vimeo, or upload it from your computer.

Connect with 
‌Many Social 


Today 3 out of 4 Companies are present on Social Media and yours must be there. We offer you the tools and we will make you understand the differences between the various Social Platforms.

News & Events 
‌the Best Way 
‌to Promote.

Writing an attractive News or an Event will be really easy with the tools you have available. You will see that by offering quick content to share, many people will be willing to do it.

Comments and Discussions.

Find out what consumers think. Allow them to comment under your article. You can moderate comments and respond through the admin panel.


Allowing your customers to consult your site in their language is a highly appreciated service and eliminates difficulties in completing an order. It's the little things that make the difference.

Sales Management.

From any device and from any place you can track and manage orders, receive payments, build attractive sales strategies for fidelize your customer and acquire new ones.

Offer a Beautiful, 
‌Digital Menu.

Giving access to an attractive digital menu with dish description, photos and reviews will help customers choose their orders and easily make suggestions to their friends.

Fast, Easy 
Orders & Payment

Take Away or Delivery doesn't matter, give your customers an easy experience to place their orders and complete the payment in just a few steps.

Discount & 

Through Discounts and Coupons, quickly invent the most varied sales strategies to retain your customers and acquire new ones. For example, you could offer a coupon to those who have reached a total of orders.

Marketing & Analysis Tools.

Build Attractive Campaigns, Monitor your site's traffic in real time, Track your site views, visitors, orders and comments.

Drag & Drop

The Drag and Drop editor lets you create a Newsletter dynamically, interactively and incredibly quickly. Responsive templates always look impeccable on every email client.

Detailed Reports 
‌& ‌Real Time 

The most successful businesses track as many metrics as they can. Without tracking, you simply can’t know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s also impossible to see where you’re wasting time or money, and how this can be improved.

Some Technical Information.

To guarantee your website excellent performance, we configure it on dedicated VPS in well equipped datacenter managed by us with excellent hardware upgradable at any time with a daily backup of the data.

Your WebSite is Fast, Your data 
is Safe.

Your website resides in a VPS with a high performance starting configuration to guarantee excellent results. As we report some high use of resources we will increase the system. An automatic daily backup will ensure data recovery in case of problems or malfunctions.

Support & Assistance.

We offer you a fast online assistance service to always guarantee maximum efficiency.

Instant Support With Video & Desktop Sharing.

You can request our assistance at any time and for you it will be as simple as making a phone call. Thanks to the desktop sharing system we can guide you step by step in all the operations you need.

Do You Need Customization?

Consider it done. Ours is an open solution organized according to our idea and we have the knowledge to quickly realize your idea.

Customizations & Implementations Available

One of the strengths of our offer is that we have designed it to allow us to carry out any type of customization or implementation with many 
‌Third-Party Tools.

We Have Ideas and We Will Let You Know.

We are dynamic with projects to be implemented and ideas to be shared and in all this, you will certainly be at the center.

With Suitable Tools to Manage the Activities You Will be Able to Plan Winning Commercial Strategies that Will Distinguish You from Your Competitors.

How Does It Work.

Get starting with our solution is simple, just contact us and in no time you will have a top online presence and the ability to manage it.


We will setup your website by setting the tools and sections that you consider suitable for your way of working.


You will be able to access your account and perform all the actions that we will have explained to you in detail.


At any time you can contact us with the simplicity similar to a phone call, we will be there for you.

You Will Be Free to Decide.

Every month you will decide whether to renew your subscription and if you don't want to, You Will Not Have Any Cost Losses because We Don't Ask You to Pay Any Costs.


...and for Whatever Reason You Want Us to take care of Your Website, We Will.

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