We provide ongoing Remote Web Specialist and Website Management services, personalized to meet the needs of Your Company.

Focus on Your Business and Not Your WebSite.

Website management service that values time. Time is a valuable asset but not everyone has time to manage their own website efficiently.

We Manage Your Web, You Manage Your Business.

Whether you’re selling products online, using your website for information, or just maintaining an online presence, website management services will help you make the most of your website.

Achieve Your Goals

A web specialist is not only required to create new applications or optimize a website but it is a valuable resource for simplifying processes and obtaining useful information.

Website Management - € 250,00/month*

Website management is about building on and maintaining your online web presence. We continuously work with your organization one on one to maintain your website. Whether it’s updating the website with content, or building new interfaces to streamline your organization. We do it all! A website without a manager will not yield optimal results and revenue. Our website management takes care of all your website needs and allows your website to expand and keep growing your online reputation!

* Include Website Analysis & Monitoring and Contents Management Services.

Website Analysis & Monitoring - € 50,00/month

Your site is your digital storefront. Your marketing collateral and campaigns have brought them to your site, but if it’s unavailable, slow, or broken, it could hurt your brand and your business objectives. Help ensure your customers have the best experience on your site with synthetic monitoring. You’ll be the first to know if your site is unavailable or slow, or if a site interaction is broken. Comprehensive monitoring includes real user monitoring. How your visitors experience your site can differ depending on the browser, device, and platform they use. Identify improvements, compare year-over-year data, and inform marketing decisions with usage metrics like top visited pages, top platforms, top browsers, active sessions, and bounce rates.

Contents Management - € 30,00/article*

Content marketing has come a long way since the early SEO days, and quality content is more important every year.  Continuously creating new, relevant blog posts is critical to staying on top with search engines and audiences. Times spent creating mediocre content is wasted time. But quality content takes a lot of time to create. That’s where our article writing service comes in.

* Contents of about 500 words.

Socials Media Management - € 150,00/month*

The social media platforms are  different in their own way. Just like businesses in the same industry, each of these social media networks have their own strengths and features that can be useful to your business. That’s why it’s crucial for you to have an effective SMM promotion strategy on more than one platform and if you do it yourself, it can consume your time and resources. For this reason we decided to offer a social media management service for support your business.

* 4 posts/week, follower, contacts and replies management service.

Web Support & Assistance - € 30,00/hour

We offer full support and assistance for every concept concerning the web. This type of service covers several aspects such as training support to help a member of your staff understand the functioning of an application or correct system errors and more.

Data Visualization and Reporting - € 50,00/month

In order for data to be usable and meaningful, it needs intelligent and informative representation. Our data visualization experts can profile your data through creative charts, infographics, heat maps and so on to help you unlock hidden value, uncover new insights, generate custom reports and create your very own decision support system.

Backlinks Analysis - € 150,00/competitor

We offer you a complete backlink search and analysis of your competitors to have useful information to organize your promotional campaign and strengthen your online presence. It helps you understand several key things about your competitors. Get a behind-the-scenes look at your competitor’s backlink profile, and why they rank for different search terms. The specific strategies and tactics used to land quality links. You will understand the growth of their profile how many resources they are dedicating.

Web Development - € 35,00/hour

If you have a new idea and want to turn it into an application or you have not found the right solution to manage your company or you simply want a tool to simplify and speed up operations, we can do it for you.  The web development service is not designed only for the development of new applications, for example, your marketing manager may need a script to support his campaign, which speeds up operations or collects or analyzes data quickly. Then see the service from the perspective of a support tool to achieve the goal faster.

Learn From Your Data

Your company data can offer you and your team very valuable information but often this information is difficult to obtain because the data must be read and interpreted.

We Can Help You to Understand and Read Your Data.

Companies often have a lot of information to extrapolate from their data but they don't have the tools to do it. We will help you and your team to access company data in a simple and clear visual way.

Package One-Time or Subscription

Choose the Package that is Closest to Your Needs and if You Need to Communicate with Us, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Package One-Time

If your requests are occasional and you do not need an ongoing relationship, this solution is perfect to meet your needs. The reference prices can be found in the list of services and in case of clarification contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.    

Package Subscription - € 600,00/month

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an ongoing relationship when it is important that you always relate to the same person and feel like a member of your team then this is the perfect solution to meet your needs. In case of clarification, contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.    

Companies often do not understand that having a web specialist within their team means having an invaluable resource, in fact it can simplify processes, quickly access information and obtain results obtainable from the work of several people with cost savings.

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