Linguists that understand your business and can accurately capture your corporate style for Translation, Interpretation and Negotiation Service.

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We provide you with translation services that are accurate, reliable, confidential and of a consistently high quality.

Accurate, consistent & Professional Translation

Language access is more than transactional. It is not the mere exchanging of words, much as one would exchange one currency for another. There is a science and an art to great translation of the written word. It’s no wonder that, according to research, companies that invest in translation are more likely to expand into new markets, develop greater customer loyalty, and increase their revenue.

Only Native Interpreter With Business Knowledge

Because if you only translate you can get to the mind of a man but if you communicate in the same culture, you will get to the heart.

You Will Not Only Receive an Interpreter but a Member Who Will Be Part Of Your Team Because They Will Have to Understand Your Business and Your Ideas and Transform Them in Harmony With its Culture.

We Are Collaborative

You will have Access to Our OnLine Collaboration Tools so You Will Find it Very Easy to Communicate, Organize and Follow your Request.

Shared Documents, Meeting & Much More

We Offer to Companies Collaboration, Management and Process Optimization Tools so we know perfectly well what can make remote work fluid and functional. We are fully available to give you a demonstration of what our online collaboration tools will be.

Built for the World of Business

Our interpreters can handle negotiations in any of the subject areas we service.  

Audio Transcription - € 20,00/half hour

Have an audio file which you would like us to transcribe in the original language and translate into your own language? We can create transcripts from all standard file formats including MP3, Windows Media Audio (WMA), RIFF WAVE, Ogg Vorbis, Free Lossless Audio Codec, Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) and Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). We can provide transcripts in standard Microsoft/Mac text formats and in a number of other open source formats. 

Copy Editing - € 15,00*

We review your texts and translations to ensure that they are correct, understandable and easy to read, assessing all aspects of spelling, grammar, style and content. This means a copy editor doesn’t just correct spelling errors and grammar, they will also review the text in terms of content and improve the style to suit the target audience and the purpose of the text.


Translation - € 30,00*

Specialist translations by EzGest ensure that your message will reach your professional audience exactly as it was intended to. Our translations for different industries and specialized areas are distinguished by their fluency and adept use of the relevant specialist terminology. That's because we work so hard to find the right tone and style for each project, creating texts that are precise, accurate, clear and readable. SPEAK THE WORLD®: We ensure that you come across as proficient, credible and businesslike in your chosen languages.


Website & SEO Translation - € 50,00/webpage

Website & SEO translation involves more than just the translation of online content. If individual websites, landing pages or entire Internet presences are also to be found by users in the corresponding target market, the keywords (search terms), synonyms and search phrases used must be adapted to the specific country and target users. This means using search terms in the content of your page which have a correspondingly large search volume in the search engines. 

Interpretation - € 25,00/half hour

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Depending on the size and nature of your event, we can offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs.
Our conference interpreters have a wealth of experience, including in your own special subject area. And naturally, we can also provide the necessary technology for high-quality conference interpreting. 

Negotiation - € 30,00/half hour

Good communication is key to successful negotiation. Our expert business interpreters provide qualified support in any negotiation situation and can help you communicate clearly and effectively across a wide range of languages and language pairs. Our job is to get your message across, live and in person. Years of experience and in-depth familiarity with your target markets enable our business interpreters to translate off the cuff and without the need for cumbersome technological aids. And having them there means you can directly address and clarify any issues on the spot.

Package One-Time or Subscription

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Package One-Time

If your requests are occasional and you do not need an ongoing relationship, this solution is perfect to meet your needs. The reference prices can be found in the list of services and in case of clarification contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.

Package Subscription - € 600,00/month

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an ongoing relationship when it is important that you always relate to the same person and feel like a member of your team then this is the perfect solution to meet your needs. In case of clarification, contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.

Two are Better Than One

Try to Imagine How Many Tasks You Could Carry Out if You Combine the Skills of a Web Specialist and the Culture of an Interpreter Specialist.

You May Have a Website Managed, Seo Optimized and Offer to Your International Customers the Best Communication Experience.

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