Remote Tech Support Can Offer Guidance In a Range Of OnGoing IT Issues, as Well as Troubleshooting, Scheduled Maintenance and Immediate Response to Problem Areas.

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We can solve many of your IT problems, manage Your IT Assets, Configure and Update your Software using Remote Access Tools.

How Does Remote IT Specialist Work ?

Remote IT Specialist offers technical Computer assistance by distance, can be provided over the audio call and live chat, with technician that gaining remote access to your computer.

The Benefits of Remote IT Specialist

IT services that are provided remotely come with a range of merits even under normal circumstances.

Fast Responses 

It is important that businesses can have technical issues dealt with as quickly as possible, to prevent any potential bottlenecks or loss of business. With IT support that can be contacted as problems occur and solutions delivered immediately, a considerable amount of time and money can be saved. 

Reduced Costs

It is clear that remote services make cost savings in terms of the travel expenses that are incurred by an on-site visit. This in turn means that the rates charged will be lower, so businesses should consider whether usual on-site services can be reduced. 

Increased Focus

According to a survey from Udemy, 70 percent of employees feel they are affected by distractions. These cause productivity to be lowered, so the removal of IT issues means one less distraction. Remote IT support that can deal with technical issues allows staff members to focus primarily on their own responsibilities. 

Increased Productivity

Tech support services that can resolve IT services faster mean that business operations can continue unhindered. In addition to this, staff are not diverted from their usual tasks so productivity will not be negatively impacted. 

Knowledge Sharing

While a technician that works on IT systems on site will probably do so alone, through remote communications the users in the organisation will be taken through every step of the maintenance or repairs. This means employees are more likely to learn a valuable skill and be able to do it for themselves in the future. 


Experts suppose that as many as 90 percent of IT issues can be dealt with remotely, with an even higher proportion in the case of software solutions. As a remote response offers a solution that is faster and without the physical presence of a technician, this is the preferred option for many companies. 

we use advanced monitoring software to check all your computers, websites, servers, applications 24 hours a day to record any anomaly and offer you a always complete and detailed analysis of the results.

Fast, Smart & Flexible.

Remote IT Specialist can be available at all times for the internal needs of a business, or alternatively as third-party tech support for clients.

Installation & Setup - € 20,00/half hour

This could include installations on desktop or laptop computers, printers or any peripheral computer equipment. It could include installations of operating systems like Windows or Exchange server, DHCP server configuration, group policy configuration or server migration.

Incident Based Support - € 20,00/half hour

With remote support that responds to a particular incident, technical issues will be managed up until they are resolved. A number of parties may need to be involved, but a dedicated IT support team will focus on the issue until a solution is delivered.

Product Support - € 20,00/half hour

Remote IT support is often able to provide product support, offering product related information, or providing assistance with any product malfunctions. This kind of remote support is usually specific to the product type.

Monitoring Support - € 20,00/half hour

This may include network monitoring, website monitoring, server monitoring, performance tuning issues, event log monitoring, online connectivity issues, data retrieval, virus or malware removal, browser connection issues or system formatting issues.

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Imagine the positive feedback of offering your customers a multilingual help desk service for the product or service offered by your company.

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We will organize the platform, Wiki Document, Ticket System, Remote Access, Chat with a dedicated Team to Offer Your Customers a Unique experience and Maximum Assistance for Your Product or Service.

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Package One-Time

If your requests are occasional and you do not need an ongoing relationship, this solution is perfect to meet your needs. The reference prices can be found in the list of services and in case of clarification contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.  

Package Subscription - € 600,00/month

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an ongoing relationship when it is important that you always relate to the same person and feel like a member of your team then this is the perfect solution to meet your needs. In case of clarification, contact us and we will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.  

Tech Support Services are Many Faceted, Flexible and They Can Be Personalised To The Needs Of Each Individual Business.

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