An innovative system that enables you to invoice clients fast, receive and track payments online with a built-in powerful features to manage recurring invoices and payments.

Track Sales, Invoices & Clients' Payments Easily

You don't need to be an accountant to easily manage your business, take the advantage of our solution and manage your activities.

Invoice Clients, Track Work-Time, Get Paid Online.

Fast and Complete solution for invoicing your clients online, Track time, create tasks, and automate the invoicing process.

Invoicing App for freelancer and small business.

Is a Solution Easy to Learn, Well Organized that Covers most Features Expected from Invoicing Software, Perfect for Small but not Optimized for Larger Businesses in need of Strong Reporting.

The Most Important Features.

For being a billing software, it offers many features that you never expected as Project Management & Time Tracking.


The dashboard is well-organized and provides charts and graphs of your Total Revenue, Average Income, Outstanding (balance), Invoices and Payment, Recent Payments, Upcoming Invoices, and Invoices Past Due.


You can change fonts, colors, data fields, and logos. Using a Live PDF, you can view any changes you make to an invoice template in real-time as you customize them. You can setup a recurring invoices and invoice reminders and add bulk invoicing and late fees. You can easily see when invoices are viewed, and there’s a nice invoice dashboard. You can add attachments to invoices.   

Client Portal

The Software has an incredibly developed, beautifully designed client portal. Customers have their own dashboard where they can view their total invoices, payments, and outstanding balances. Customers can view, download, print, and approve estimates and view, download, and pay invoices. You also can add a gateway fee to cover online payment processing expenses, and you can require customers to fill in a checkbox (often used as proof that they read the terms and conditions) or e-sign their invoices. 


You can create elaborate proposals with the interface and email them to potential clients. Proposals are highly customizable. You can import an existing proposal template as well.

Contact Management

You can manage customers and vendors. You can record basic contact information as well as ID numbers, VAT numbers, default payment terms, default languages, and notes. There’s a nice contact dashboard where you can view a customer’s total invoices, payments, and any open balances.

Expenses Tracking

Offers basic expense tracking. You can enter expenses manually, import bank statements via .ofx, or connect to your bank account. You can also set expense categories to manage and organize your expenses. Users can set recurring expenses and mark expenses as billable. You can choose the expense currency and check the “convert currency” option.

Product List

You can add products, descriptions, and costs. There is no inventory tracking tool available, and you can’t add COGS either. However, you can create custom product fields and automatically convert product prices to a customer’s currency.

Project Management

You can create a project and add a project name, due date, budgeted hours and description.


You can create tasks either from the newly created Task screen or using a Kanban board, depending on how you like to visualize your to-do lists. The nice part about the Kanban board is that you can organize tasks by ready to do, in progress, done, and backlog, or any number of your own custom categories.

Time Tracking

You can track time by either using a built-in timer or by manually entering time. Time must be associated with a project or task.


Offers 13 reports total. There are typical Profit and Loss and Aging reports. The rest of the reports are more like summaries of specific features (invoices, contacts, etc.). There is a data visualization where you can view clients, invoices, and products in a more creative way.

Listening Commands

One of the coolest aspects of this software is the unique built-in voice commands. You can tell the software to follow commands, such as “return to dashboard,” “add new client,” “send invoice,” and will do it.

Integrated with more than 50 popular payment gateways and channels, including PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, WePay, WorldPay, 2CheckOut, Mollie, PayFast, and Buckaroo to mention some. These integrations make it easy for clients to settle their obligations through channels they prefer, ensuring users get paid the quickest way possible.


The Software has ready templates and automatically can converts estimates to invoices once accepted, which is a nice touch many programs miss. Another unique touch is the ability to set an “invoice valid until date”.

Default Email Message

You can set default email messages for invoices, quotes, proposals, payments, and reminders. You can also create a default email signature and control your email notifications and styles.


You can create customer credits as needed.

Sales Taxes

You can add unlimited sales tax rates.

Multiple Currencies

The Software supports 95+ currencies and 30 different languages. While you can send invoices in different languages, this feature needs a lot of work. Currently, only half the invoice gets translated.

Importing & Exporting

The Software has a strong, easy-to-use importing feature. You can import clients, vendors, invoices, products, and expenses. You can export all data or any combination of the following: clients, contacts, credits, tasks, invoices, quotes, recurring, payments, products, expenses, vendors and vendor contacts.

Did You Know That... ?

The software makes it easy for users to create beautiful, professionally crafted invoices that their clients can view online or download and print on paper. To speed up the payment process, clients can immediately pay users directly from the invoice, without having to exit the system.

 Create Recurring Invoicing & Auto-Bill Clients.

 Proposals Creation Tool.

 Custom Domain "".

 Quotes Convert to Invoices for Payments.

 Accept Deposits & Partial Payments.

 Enable Invoice Approval Checkbox or Client Signature.

 Create Reports, Accounts Aging & Client Statements.

 Multiple Currencies and Languages Supported.

 Supports Natural Language Voice Commands.

 Proposals Creation Tool.

 Create Project Tasks & Track Time.

 Attach Invoice & Quotations PDFs to Emails.

 Fully Customizable Invoice Design.

 Invoice Payment Auto-Reminder Emails.

 Item & Product Library System.

 Importing Expenses & Vendors.

 Setup Automatic Credit Card Gateway Fees.

 Tax Settings per Line Item or Invoice Total.

 Attach 3rd Party Files to Invoices & Expenses.

 Kanban Boards to Manage Projects.

 Client-Side Portal & Invoices History.

 Customize Email Subjects & Body Text.

 Alerts When Client Views & Pays Invoices.

 Bulk Emailing Invoices & Quotations.

 Import Transactions From Your Bank Accounts.

 Setup Automatic Late Fees on Unpaid Invoices.

 Professional Free Invoice Template Designs.

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