Using Customer Relationship Management & ERP Software can help companies organize important data from multiple locations into one convenient interface.

An All-In-One Suite

One Powerful Suite to Manage All The Aspect of Your Business from any location into one convenient interface.

An App for Every Need

Our family of apps work seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centralized, online, and accessible from anywhere with any device.

The Real Customer Efficient CRM & Sales.

Track leads, close opportunities, create proposals, manage Subscriptions, get accurate forecasts, send polished quotations with online payment.

Prospects and Customers

Follow your prospects and customers, and reuse them with other modules, create alternative contacts/addresses, set status and potential of your prospects, create and convert your Quotes, Commercial proposals, Sale Orders, Interventions, Invoices, follow-up your prospects, your customers, list and filter your database on any attributes, tags or status.


Create and follow all your leads / commercial opportunities, use your opportunities for a 360 degree view, follow your open opportunities, analyze your performance, export your Opportunities with the Export module so you can reuse them with third-party tools, or connect directly your existing Data analysis tool to the open database for Big Data analysis.


Create and send, with no delay, quote or pretty commercial proposals to your prospects or old customers, process  them and follow the status of that one open, analyze your performance, export your Proposals with the Export module to reuse them with external tools, or connect directly your existing Business Intelligence suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.

Sale Orders

Manage your customer or supplier orders, manage your workflow order and products stock according to your rules, create your order and process it, follow the status of that one are open, analyze your sales or delivery performance, export your orders with the Export module to reuse them with third-party tools, or connect directly your existing Business Intelligence suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.

Contracts & Subscriptions

Manage customer/supplier contracts or subscriptions, generate recurring invoices of subscription automatically, create Contract with subscribed services, convert your customer contract into one shot or recurring invoices, follow and manage your contracts and services, export your Contracts and services with their status with the Export module to reuse them with third-party tools, or connect directly your existing Business Intelligence suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.

An Human Resources with a Modern Concept.

Manage your Employee and Create them an account with tools, manage expenses with report, allow leave requests and Time Spent Management.


Manage your employees, groups or employees and permissions, create your employee/user accounts, define the hierarchy of them so when filling in leave requests or expense reports, the supervisor of the employee will be informed to validate the request, define hourly rate for each of your employees, set permissions on your users or groups, personalize display for each user, leave requests, expenses reports, timesheets.

Expense Reports

Let your employees record their expense reports, approve and follow their payment, expense report requests, validate and send e-mail for approval, As a manager, find all the expense reports waiting for your approval, and validate or refuse them, pay the expense report, use the export wizard to export all the data required by your bookkeeper or by any payroll providers.

Leave Requests

Allows your employee to make leave requests, let the system decrease automatically the balance of remaining holidays once approved, follow different types of leaves according to your country and laws, define all the types of leaves request to manage and how they are managed, create a leave request, approve or refuse each request, analyze and update balance of holidays, follow leave requests and remaining holidays.


Enter time spent on user friendly time sheets and see impact on project profit, fill your time sheet using the interface that suits your need, several solutions are available to enter your time sheets, from a week grid, from a day grid, from a month grid, see impact of time spent on project profit, if an hourly rate is defined on user record, the time spent is automatically converted into your currency and this is included into your project overview profit.

Maximize your Warehouse Efficiency.

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations.

Products & Services

Manage your product and service catalog, your prices and margin, you will be able to reuse them in any other features with one click (proposals/quotations, orders, invoices, stocks). Manage differently the sale or purchase status, manage your selling and buying prices, follow your products or services performance, manage Margins, create Virtual Products, Variant, Stock, Lot or Serial Management and much more.


Manage stock and warehouses (emplacement) if you need, you can add support for Lot or Serial numbers, organize your warehouses and emplacements, use them to store your products and define movements, follow you stock per product references, warehouse, date and or lot/serial number, automatic virtual stock and easy reassort process, make mass stock change, inventory or transfer in one step.

Purchase & Supplying

Manage your Purchase Orders workflow, Restock your warehouses, create Purchase Order, Approve, Receive and Bill your Purchase Orders, receive your products, use the wizard to provision your warehouses based on defined optimal quantities, take into consideration open customer orders and open purchase orders to get automatically the wrong quantity to buy, generate automatically your Purchase Orders.


Use the shipping module to track your picking list, orders and quantity to ship or shipped, create your shipments in one click from any order, compare the quantity shipped with the quantity to ship, define the planned date of delivery for each of your shipment so you can process them by priority or follow late shipments, if you need more information on your shipment, you can setup application to manage any other custom fields you need.


Bills Of Materials and Materials Resources Planning, define your nomenclatures (BOMs) to produce new product, reuse the predefined BOMs to generate your Manufacturing Orders, produce your Manufacturing Order in one or several Steps, if you need to, you can activate the Lot/Serial number management. Products defined to be managed by Lot will require a lot number to be manufactured. Follow your production by Lot and retrieve detail of stock and movements for a particular lot at any time, from the production to the customer shipment.

Financial & Billing for do More, 
in Less Time.

Get your bank statements synced with your bank automatically, or import files, Manage Bills & Expenses, Invoicing, Easy Reconciliation.

Billing & Payments

Manage the invoices and payments of your customers or suppliers, create your invoices (common invoices, down payments, credit notes) from scratch or from your customer sheet, send your invoice by Email directly from the application, use your predefined email templates so your email content is automatically filled, follow status of your open Invoices, analyze your billing performance, export your Invoices and payments with the Export module to reuse them with external tools, or connect directly your existing Business Intelligence suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.

Bank Reconciliation

Make the reconciliation of your bank account from the same grid than the list to consult your bank account. Use filters to flag several lines at once as reconciled. Get warnings when number of record not reconciled is too high. Keep history of your bank receipts and read them without leaving your application.

Double Entry Accounting

You have a dedicated and independent feature to setup your accountancy and dispatch all data already recorded (products, sales, purchases, expense reports, salaries, ...) into your ledger tables. So your accountancy can be done in few clicks with very a low need of book keeper knowledge. Use predefined reports to analyze your report or track input error the frequency of your choice, analyze all accounting records (sales, purchases, bank transactions, expense reports) and use the wizard to fix manually what need a particular change. Once your ledger is complete, you can export it, or just a filtered date range or journal, into a lot of predefined accounting software format (CSV, EBP, CogiLog, CEGID, SAGE, ...).

Email Marketing & Surveys 
‌Made Easy.

Create your Emailing content with a friendly editor and send or ask your employees or partners their choice or opinion on any topic.


Create emailing campaigns using an easy to use WYSIWYG editor or for advanced users, an HTML editor, attach files, personalize for each recipient the template using variable like firstname, lastname, signature, select your recipients from your existing list, send your email to few test and start your campaign. Use your own or third party external SMTP server. Track sending status per recipient to know which email was sent or not, who has opened the email and who has decided to unsubscribe.


Create polls to determine the best date for a meeting, to vote for an election, or any other topic. Several options are available such as receiving email for each vote, writing comments, make vote public or private. Choose the best type of poll matching your need (date poll to select different days/hours in a calendar, or vote/standard poll to select with a list yes/no or for/against). Define the title, a closing date and a description that will be displayed on the public or private poll page. Create as many questions/answers as you need. Send the created poll link by email or put the poll link online on your website, so people can vote and maybe post comments. Read, analyze and download the poll results.

Harness the Power of Visual Information.

Simplify your processes and enhance employees collaboration. Break down your project in bite-sized tasks and assign them to your team for improved collaboration.

Opportunities, Projects & Tasks

Projects and tasks are useful to follow leads, opportunities, projects or timesheets. Track also how much your projects can bring back to your company, and their profit or cost. Define who can view or edit the project, Create tasks and sub-tasks and have hierarchy, record time spend on Projects/Tasks, follow your projects. Follow your projects. If you use opportunities, get instantly the potentiel turnover of your leads, weighted with the probability, to get your future turnover, if you decide to use tasks, follow their progress and compare with what you planned. Show the planning using the Gantt view.


Create intervention record to track intervention to do or done. Attach your intervention to a project if you want to have your intervention visible in the 360 degree view of projects. Use any predefined products or services to fill quickly your intervention record, or enter specific description. Link your intervention with events on the agenda, projects, orders, etc... Convert your interventions into commercial proposals or invoices according to your desired workflow.


Agenda as a common shared calendar enhanced with features dedicated to your ERP / CRM (links to your customers, employees, projects, invoices, ...) Record your events in the embedded agenda : Past events for tracking purpose, or Future events for remind purpose. Assign events to a customer/contact, project and/or users. With the module Resources, you can also assign resources to your event, for exemple to track which room is occupied, which car is hired or which video projector is reserved, when and by who. You can decide to record automatically events related to any business action and use filter to see events only you are interested in different rendering view.

Pos for Retail, Bar and Restaurants.

An Advanced POS terminal simple and intuitive but also very powerful because it can integrate into Your Suite.

€ 35,00/month

A Unique Value Proposition.

There is something to help address all of your business needs in a single, cost-effective and modular solution: no more work to get different technology cooperating.

Intercepts Needs, Satisfies Your Customers.

Behind every experience, even negative ones, there is an opportunity; be able to catch and exploit them first; here is the secret of a winning mentality and a lasting relationship with your most precious asset: The Customer.

Only What You Need

Whatever your needs (sales, human resources, logistic, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, marketing, foundation management, surveys, ...), we can setup the application to match your need, and only your need to always have a clean and fast interface.

You can manage you company activities quickly, including the management of products, stocks, commercial proposals, invoices, orders, members of a foundation, and mailings.

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